Few words about us

The club was officially registrated in year 1997, although it became a moto club in year 1995 on initiatives from some local motorcyclists. In year 1995, when we started to meet us, we were named only MotoClub Žiri. Then one or two years later, when we were getting more and more members, we became an idea to register a club and to become an official motorcycle’s club.

At establishing a club we had 20 members, we currently more than thirty. For our sign we chose a wild pig, which has in its mouth a wooden branch with beech nut. Beech nut illustrates the city from where we are - Žiri. For name of club we chose more than 700 years old name for Žiri - SAIRACH. In our sign there are two basic colours, green and yellow, and they symbolize old commune of Škofja Loka, from where some of our members are. Irrespective of all demands, that are written in our club statute about membership in our club (motorcycle with more than 250 ccm, majority, ...) we give the greatest preference to friendship and of course love to motor bikes. On this love the club was actually raised. In our club we don't make differences, what kind of motor bike do you drive, how old is the motorcyclist of motorcycle, teo most important is that you have your heart on right place and that it beats for friends and for your motorcycle.

Our aims at journeys were very different from start to today. At start we were driving to group trips (Spain, Italy, and Germany, to sea side ...), but on meetings we were going very rarely. But now we are completely different. Weekly we visit at least one meeting, in Slovenia or in foreign countries. In this kind of situation we were forced because of grate visit of our first and second meeting. On this occasion we would to thank for really big visit on our first two meetings and invite you to visit our meeting every year. Right the organisation of moto club meeting is great abuttal in our club. From the club without any obligation our club became a club in which anyone has its own work and responsibility to club.

If we take everything together, we have driven a long way in short club history. We hope that we made a good impression of our club with responsible and mature members in Slovenia and in foreign countries. We will continue leading this club because we think that work in club is running to right direction, and so we hope to meet us soon!

Contact information:

Club address:

MK Sairach
Loška cesta 1
4226 Žiri

Contact persons:

Mark Kunc, telefon kluba: +386 51 876 720, info@sairach-club.si
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